Rum Row Cover!


Here it is! The comic I’ve been working on with artist Michele Bandini, is just about wrapped up. I’ve been a little off the grid lately on the blogging front, and this is partly responsible. But I’m trying to get back in the swing again. You may recall me talking about this in an earlier post, and this proof that we’re progressing. Slowly I’ll admit. The Kickstarter to fund the printing cost is going up Monday 8/18 of this month. If you’re interested in getting the book, digital or in print, this will be a great way to get it. Plus there will be a whole bunch of cool bonus stuff. I will keep you posted as we get closer to the date! Let me give you a little info on what it’s about –

The story is set in the 1920’s, during Prohibition. Sort of Jules Verne meets The Untouchables. A whole drunken city floats above New York, as the police try to contain and control these dirigible speakeasies. We’ll watch it all unfold through our main character Jack, as he takes passage this New Year’s on the most famous dirigible – The Duchess.

That’s it for now! Thanks for checking this out, and I’ll be posting more about this and probably more weird drawings from my brain soon. Have a good Wednesday!


33 thoughts on “Rum Row Cover!

    • Thank you! I couldn’t of done it without my partner in crime and artist Michele. But yeah, pretty pumped. Now if I can just not screw up the execution!

    • Ah the classic celebrities in Kickstarter question. Well… There’s the Zach Braff’s who just start campaign’s so people with “real” money see that they can still draw a crowd, and then just take over. Use Kickstarter as a way to garner interest. Which is kind of annoying. But at the same time, if people want to spend their money that way, that’s up to them. Plus I have to say I was pretty pumped about the Reading Rainbow kickstarter. And I guess that was considered celebrity.

      I like Kickstarter, because if people don’t care, then it won’t get funded. I’m about to find out real soon that answer myself.

  1. By the way, your Freudian slip is showing. It’s obvious you have just been off somewhere partying 😀

    “I’ve been a little off the grid lately on the blogging front, and this is PARTY responsible.”


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