My Owl Collection (Part 1)

I drew some of my favorite breeds of owls. If yours is not listed below, please don’t get offended. Just make sure to mention it in the comment section, and I will attend to your request in an orderly fashion. Thank you. Now on to the owls…


Regular Owl


Hoarder Owl


Benjamin Franklin Owl

Owl in Lion Costume


Bad Owl


Keith Richards Owl

That is all for today’s owl collection. More coming soon.



34 thoughts on “My Owl Collection (Part 1)

    • Totally. I had to google it. But yeah that is dead on. Except owls have talons and are way crabbier. It was so hard to get them in these positions / clothes.

  1. Well, now that you drew Keith Richards Owl, I need to see Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow Owl. Kind of a conundrum since he’s a Sparrow but drawn as an owl. I know you’ll be up to the challenge.

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