I’m Not Dead

I’ve just been a little sidetracked this last month. So I hope all is well with you guys. With summer approaching, I thought I’d write something to get us in the mood. So I wrote a quick poem about the ocean. Because the ocean is basically the spirit animal of summer. It’s true. I read that somewhere. Anyway, here it is (Photo courtesy of between-appointments)

Hey ocean, I like you.

Even though you hurt my eyes and taste like Play-Doh.

You’re waves are like vert ramps for doing sick surf board tricks on.

Plus you make all of my favorite seafood dishes.

You also have nice friends like dolphins and walruses.

Except for sharks. Please don’t invite them out this summer.

Those guys are dicks. A.K.A dick fish.

Okay, I think I covered everything.

Hope to see you soon. And I promise not to pee in you.

Very much anyway.

The End 



19 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead

  1. Love this. And the ocean. We should write a book of poems about things that people usually write about, except funny. Love and ghosts and nature and stuff. I actually really like that idea and you and Sean can draw or take pictures.

    My ocean spirit animal of summer is probably a mermaid. I’m mad I’m not one of those yet.

  2. Oh, this officially made my day (and it’s 10.30pm here so a LOT has happened today already). GLORIOUS. I’m sure that the ocean appreciated this poem… though you might have to print it, roll it up and stick it in a bottle… then throw it into the waves. I’m not sure that the ocean uses the internet ;P

    • I really tried to picture the ocean’s needs when writing this so I’m hoping it heard. I also bought a giant conch shell to blow. Partly for the ocean, and also because I like island stories. Get my Robinson Crusoe on.

      • YES. But conch shells always make me think of Lord of the Flies. And small boys killing each other. Not the best of island stories but… well, I liked the book anyway. Robinson Crusoe is much more glorious though.

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