Batman Vs. Thomas Edison


I decided to do some doodling. Happy Friday.


12 thoughts on “Batman Vs. Thomas Edison

  1. Yesterday, YESTERDAY Andrew I was going through the list of blogs I followed and saw Shut Up Dad. Yep, notifications are set for the instant he posts something. Sigh. He never posts and Voyla! today you post. It’s so cosmic!

  2. Even with a gramophone in his hand, Edison couldn’t defend a left hook. That was his downfall. You’d think he would’ve come up with a mouthguard or a sparring helmet, but those were both decades later, by Sylvester Everlast.

    Good to see you back my friend!

  3. Ha! Who do you think made all the stuff in the utility belt? Good luck from here on in Batman. Chinese-made grappling hooks and Bat ropes? Yikes….

    Good to see you back.

    • Actually Bruce Wayne’s company Waynecorp made those gadgets, and then Thomas Edison tried to say he patented them himself. But the courts came out in Bruce Wayne’s favor. But don’t worry, it’s a common misconception.

      • Waynecorp? Well, wiseguy, who do you think invented Waynecorp? Jefferson, that’s who!

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