Notes To Self (August)

As I move through the month of August, it’s that time again to collect my thoughts of the recent weeks. Record my notes, and store them away for later use. I call it “building my brainbox”. But before I do that, I thought I should share these little nuggets, in case they may be of some use to you in your own endeavors. This piece will be accompanied by some easily listening tunes to help you “get in the zone”.

And go!

1. Shepherd’s pie is not a substitute for Nyquil.

2. Despite what grandpa says, drinking is not a manly way of crying.

3. Since traveling to Rome is so expensive. I found stacking couches on top of each other makes a great alternative to touring the coliseum.

4. After almost getting hit by another car today, I think it’s finally time to resign from my car dodgeball team.

5. Summersaults should be called “ground flips”. Then I wouldn’t be so embarrassed to do them in front of people.

6. I don’t believe in exercise. Exercise is just practice for being skinny, and I’m naturally gifted at being overweight. One should never fight against their own talents.

7. Camping is a lot like being homeless. Except in camping you get smores, and the police don’t hit you with sticks.

8. If pandas were more truthful, they wouldn’t have to hide behind masks.

9. Bandanas should only be worn by pirates, or pirate enthusiasts. Any other reason is unacceptable.

10. Bicycles made to look like motorcycles are still bicycles.

And lastly don’t forget to check out new project info and artwork at My Thinking Corner.


17 thoughts on “Notes To Self (August)

  1. you are silly.. and hey, I recently said I want a bike with a motor like I see all the folks here riding..If I put a bell on it and straws on my spokes, is it a bike?

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