Goodbye Danzig Shirt

To truly feel my melancholy, I recommend hitting the play button below, and then reading on. I know Sara McLachlan isn’t very metal. But sometimes being metal is doing something lame, and then just saying “Fucking metal” after the act. Today we will be doing just that. And sometimes it’s okay to be sad… I mean metal! Sorry, force of habit. Let’s move onto the memorial.

Dear Mr. Danzig Skull logo t-shirt,

You were always there for me. I’ve had you longer than the lifespan of most electrical appliances or large dogs. We’ve been everywhere together, and you gave me your all. Whether it was church, or dollar beer night, we were one. You endured nacho cheese spills, mosh pits, and your fair share of vomit. But you never complained. I’d like to think you grew more beautiful with age. The more faded and tattered you became, the more powerful you were. And then it happened….

You ripped armpit to waist, which is too torn for even my taste. Plus I’m not very good at sewing. So you had to go away. I’d say you’re in heaven now, but you would probably feel more comfortable in hell with the demons and other metal shirts. I hope you’re happy there. I’ll miss you.

Your Biggest Fan


2005 – 2013

P.S. – Also posted a new new comic over at My Thinking Corner. Check it out!


33 thoughts on “Goodbye Danzig Shirt

  1. I’m so very sorry for your loss! I was looking at one of my shirts today and realized it was on life support – it was so bad that it was regulated to a sleep shirt, and well, now, it’s still going downhill. I’m going to have to pull the plug soon and I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. I know the shirt is suffering, but I’m not ready to let go just yet!

  2. May the memory of your shirt live on so others can talk about it at roundtables, dinner tables and around chuckwagon campfires. Sorry for your loss, however, if you are ever missing it and feeling down, your shirt’s twin lives at my house. (My husband’s shirt has surprisingly not ripped yet!) Long live the spirit of metal!!!

      • The death of a Danzig shirt is a tragic but inevitable part of a metal life. I have had to send two or three out to pasture, sadly. As my amazing wife mentioned, my current one is not ripped, but I feel your pain none the less. In a show of Danzig solidarity, during my work shift this coming Monday, I will listen to Danzig (and some Misfits) during the entire shift…. FYI, I saw Danzig’s shirt get ripped during a concert, and he proceeded to smite the bouncer who ripped it, then play for another hour after it happened in a shredded shirt. THAT’S METAL!!!!!!

      • That is very metal. And yeah, I definitely recommend more Danzig at work. Although the lyrics are mostly about demons and such, it sounds so pretty. Misfits on the other hand. Not very office friendly.

  3. I hope you gave your shirt a viking funeral. It’s the only metal as hell way to let a shirt that grand pass on to the next plane. And really, when a great band shirt dies, a little bit of you dies as well. Sorry for your loss.

    Not a band shirt, but I was pretty distraught when my D.A.R.E shirt become so thread-worn that I could literally see the fabric that kept it together. It had practically become mesh. It’s probably a good thing that it died in my mid-twenties (after being given it in the third grade). No way I would have been able to fit into that shirt now, but I would still have tried my damndest.

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