Shut Up Dad eBook Reviews


The Shut Up Dad eBook just dropped today, and the reviews are pouring in. Here, let me share a few snippets –

“Exhilarating and life changing.” – Co-worker that looks like Morgan Freeman

“If only eBooks would’ve been around when I was alive. I would’ve really enjoyed this.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Sometimes a book will come along, that will make you want to kick through walls. This was one of those books” – Vladimir Putin

“With this book, your kids will never be bored again!” – Homeschooled & Loving It Magazine

Okay, I think that’s enough reviews for now. But you get the idea. As you can see I’m pretty pumped. Oh and surprise, I just came out with an eBook. (Links provided below)



I have the lovely people at Thought Catalog to thank for that. But even more so, thanks to everybody for reading so far. I know these posts can go all over the place from haiku to battle instructions. And I want you to know I definitely appreciate it.

I hate “buy my shit” posts as much as the next person. So this will be it. I’ll have a tab on the side up if people are interested in the future. The book is a collection of pieces from this blog, so if you feel so motivated maybe go write a review on Amazon, Itunes, etc. Or tell a friend. Then people who haven’t checked it out yet, might waddle by. Okay. I’m done. Seriously this time.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to Jon Hunter over at, for doing the cover art work. If you’re not checking out his blog, you’re only hurting yourself. He recently just drew a picture of a Mogwai. A Mogwai!

Thanks for reading, and go have fun tonight (or today).


28 thoughts on “Shut Up Dad eBook Reviews

  1. Does your co-worker who looks like Morgan Freeman SOUND like him too? Because that would be pretty awesome. Mazel tov on the book, dude! That was the one thing I forgot to mention about my chat with Abraham Lincoln–he’s TOTALLY into your book.

    • I like to tell people it’s better than a real book, because it’s good for the environment. And that’s my number priority. More than book sales. (Also great at mixers).

    • We’ve been blog friends for a while now, so I think that counts. Just tell one of your friends who likes wolf shirts and pirates. Every one has those friends.

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  3. Hey Andrew wow congrats will check the links and hey a book full of booze, mythical creatures, and multiple fighting techniques!! you are a life savior
    oh yes I am going to buy this asap Promise 🙂

  4. Andrew…it goes without saying,…O…M…G!!! This is amazing!!! Congratulations to you, was just telling some co workers today about your ebook and about your blog and they were already cracking up! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next and what you have done through collaboration! Well done my friend, well done!!! 😀 woot woot!!!

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