Bachelor Party Checklist

With my friend’s bachelor party happening this weekend, I felt the need to write out a checklist so I wouldn’t forget anything. I find it imperative to do this before any special occasion. You can do this too. Just use your diary, or any other piece of paper really. I provided my list below in order to help spark some ideas for your own bachelor party (or stag party if you’re British).

1. My fun hat. That is not a euphemism. I have a terrible time without it.

2. Fanny pack with emergency snack reserves. I recommend pistachios. Having a fanny pack is perfect for them too, because you can just put the empty shells right back in.

3. Inhaler. I don’t care if these don’t make me look “cool”. Breathing and not dying is cool. Plus nothing would be more shameful than getting an asthma attack in a strip club. (Or so I hear.)

4. Books to read out loud in the party bus. I haven’t brought this up with the guys yet, but I’m sure they’ll want stories during the drive.

5. Magic tricks. What’s a party without magic? (Yo-yos also kill.)

6. Portable karaoke machine. This needs no explanation.

7. Swiss army knife complete with compass.

8. Dog whistle.

9. Fish pills. What am I without my Omega-3 fatty acids?

10. And lastly a good attiude!




34 thoughts on “Bachelor Party Checklist

  1. I agree, the inhaler is most important but a word to the wise: Don’t make a shoestring necklace for it. Essentially looks like someone took their 14 year old cousin out with the bachelor party. You might consider adding a carousel to the list.

  2. Don’t forget the sudoko puzzles. Rumor has it that strippers love them. There’s bound to be a lull in the action, and you can just whip your sudoko and keep the party moving. Be sure to use pencil though, mistakes are sometimes made at these types of parties..

  3. Perhaps a dumb question but I’ll ask it anyhow? Andrew, will there be girls in attendance? If so,will you be getting all crazy with games like musical chairs and, dare I say it, spin the b@ttle?
    If so, that promises to be a wild afternoon.

    • Oh good point. White jeans are critical. That and vests with no shirts. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the festivities that I forget about what’s important.

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  6. You know what? Fanny packs are called ‘bum bags’ over here in Australia. Mostly as ‘fanny’ has… uh, an entirely different cultural reference over here. It’s not something you put pistachios in (but then again, neither is the other cavity but we won’t explore that concept further). Have fun!

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