Taco Tuesday Haiku

It’s Tuesday, which is short for Taco Tuesday. The most holy of days. Like the Sabbath, but spicier. Where tacos are only a dollar, and margaritas are well, cheaper than normal. In honor of this weekly event, I have written some poetry to express myself in the form of haiku. I hope it speaks to you like it has me.


Tacos are so cheap

I had an eating contest

I was by myself

Drink Special

Oh margarita

You make spring break on Tuesday

I woke up outside


39 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday Haiku

  1. Duuuude! Those tacos look fanfreakintastic! I think I know what I’m having for lunch today. A haiku for you..,

    Now that I’m hungry
    My work will surely suffer
    Is it time for lunch?

    • As always, you are a man of many talents sir. If only you could trade haiku for tacos. I’m sure there’s an art school out there where that might exist. We must find it.

      • And you are too kind!
        My talents are limited.
        Trying to keep up!

        Will haiku for food.
        Tacos would be heavenly.
        Extra queso please!

  2. I had tacos last night, but I guess I will have to have them again tonight in honor of this holy day and write haikus while I’m at it since it says we have to do that in the Food Bible.

  3. Oh man, I’ve been thinking lately about doing a cartoon of a Taco Tuesday one man eating contest. Sometimes I wonder if anyone out there has made a taco bed set. Like lettuce sheets, a tortilla blanket, and you’re the meat.

    • You should contact Martha Stewart about the lettuce sheets, tortilla blanket, you’re the meat idea. Maybe you can get a licensing deal. Or maybe Chuck Norris would be interested in coming out with a line of linens.

      • A licensing deal could be sweet but those partners worry me. Chuck Norris seems like he’d be a controlling partner, threatening with violence. Martha Stewart seems like she’d just be skimming off the top constantly and maybe even behind closed doors, resort to violence.

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