5 Ways To Keep The Passion Alive

My girlfriend is an attractive lawyer. I am, well… Neither of those things. I’m dating way above my level. So in order to keep “bringing the thunder”, I have developed some sure fire tips to keep the romance alive.

1.  Give lots of gifts – Who doesn’t like gifts? No one! Plus it’s a great way to show that special person you care. That’s why I constantly give her back massage coupons and jewelry made of foil. Massages are relaxing, and foil is better than real jewelry because if she doesn’t like it, I can mold her something new. It’s like she has her very own blacksmith!


2.  Learn useful skills – Whether it’s doing dishes, setting the DVR, or making fresh arrowheads. Always do your part around the house. Nobody likes a lazy person. That is unless you’re a very attractive lazy person. But even then you just get a little more time than the rest of us.


3.  Exhibit your talents – The key is to only show off your talents, while effectivley hiding your weaknesses. For example: One time we were at the park, and a frisbee flew in our direction. I blocked it with my arm, shielding her gorgeous face. To the naked eye I looked invunerable. She now knows I will always be there to protect her. In reality, my arm hurt for like a half an hour. Like it got slapped. Hard. But that’s all in the name of love.


4.  Have interesting hobbies you can share – The amount of interesting hobbies I have are staggering. Let me just list off a few here: seed collecting, waltzing, archaeology, magic, military history, boat design, paper mache sculpture, and the study of meteorites are just some of many. You see what I’m getting at here? She can pick one, or all of them. There’s so many fun possibilities there, she’ll never get bored.


5.  Be spontaneous – I like to hide all of our food, and then surprise her with a fully cooked gourmet meal. She goes from expecting nothing to duck l’orange (yes, I’m that fancy). Keeping your relationship fresh with surprises is essential. So switch it up from time to time. Good luck!



33 thoughts on “5 Ways To Keep The Passion Alive

    • Usually we stick to renovating full scale boats. But we have been known to gander in bottle sized. It really depends on what she’s in the mood for. You know?

  1. Me and my girlfriend have been together for 18 years now, married for 16. The man that married us told us to get into a give, give cycle. This way your needs will always be met. It gives us the freedom to give creative gifts.Your girl is human like you, even if she is of a different class. Mine came from Deep South society and I am a desert rat from a cow town in Colorado and so far it works. Nice insight!

  2. Actually, I think you hit the nail on the head when you alluded to blacksmithing. Women love that and other forms of toil. I’m not about to teach you anything, but have you ever tried buying her a new mop? I did this to one of my exes and she was speechless. Tears of joy, I tell you….

  3. I’m kind of jealous that you can make fresh arrowheads. I wish I had learned, back when I was capable of learning new things. I may have some seed packets from back in 1997 or 1998 or so that I never got around to planting, though. Does that make me a seed collector? Oh, maybe you mean collecting directly from the plants. Just dandelions and burrs, I’m afraid.

  4. With love skills like yours, no wonder Madame lawyer is in love..I have to agree the one-arm Frisbee save shows nothing but pure devotion.. Lucky lass indeed!

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