Fun Shower Activities With A Partner

When I was in college, my roommate would constantly take showers with his girlfriend.  This man was an idiot.  Showers are small, and usually only have one fountain head.  That means one of them was standing in the cold.  And last time I checked, ladies don’t like being cold (I’m somewhat of an expert).  I never understood what they were doing in there.  But it must have been bad, because they were always making hurting sounds.  So being the problem solver that I am, I came up with some possible solutions for activities in the shower. That way you, or anyone you know, will never have to be cold or bored in the shower again.  You’re welcome ahead of time. 


1.  Dress Appropriately –  The first and most important factor to consider is the temperature.  So to avoid hypothermia, both of you should be dressed in wet suits.  The kind used for arctic diving preferably.  That way your shower positioning shouldn’t matter at all, and the activities can continue.  Remember to have the right goggles, and make sure that none of your skin is showing.  You want to keep in that body heat. 


2.  Drawing Contests – Once in your wetsuit, you can turn the shower nozzle on.  Turn the heat up all the way and let the steam engulf the room.  You will notice the glass shower door is covered in this newfound water vapor.  Now this next part will sound impossible, but I promise you it’s true.  Take your finger, and draw a straight line on the glass.  Like magic, your finger has become a paintbrush, and the shower is your canvas.  Write your name, draw a dinosaur, or simply make up your own designs.  Challenge each other, and watch both of your skills improve!


3.  Instant Beards – Ladies can’t grow beards (except for witches), so now is your chance to see what it would be like.  Or if you’re a man who still can’t grow a mustache, then  now you can.  Start by pouring some soap into your hands.  Then rub them together.  Once you have a lather, apply the soap to your face.  Instant beards. 


4.  Shower Wine – Do you enjoy red wine, but hate the stains it can create?  How many articles of clothing and carpets have been ruined by this delicious adult beverage?  That’s why I drink heavily in the shower.  No stains on the carpet, because there is no carpet to stain.  Shower floor is not only water proof, it’s also wine proof.  And since society looks down on drinking alone, you now have a partner to cheers with.  Go team!

oak aging

5.  Don’t Die – You’re most likely good and drunk at this point and suffering from mild heat exhaustion.  What you want to do now, is exit the shower and get out of your wetsuit without passing out, or slipping and cracking your head.  Remember always let your partner go out first.  You invited them, and as a host, manners are the most important.  Plus, once they’re out and safe they have a better chance of resuscitating you.  So follow these simple guidelines, and your shower sharing experience will improve twenty fold. But of course, don’t forget rule number one- Always have fun!



27 thoughts on “Fun Shower Activities With A Partner

  1. Very good to know. I once had a woman ask me if I’d like to join her in the shower. I declined because I didn’t know all this. Thanks again.

  2. I once had a girlfriend that was surprised and fascinated the first time she saw me, at the end of our first shower, run the edge of my hand along all of my bodily surfaces. “What are you doing?” she probably said. To which I replied, “Oh, this? I do this to squeegee excess water from my body hair, to expedite the drying process and preclude towel saturation.” She thought I was a genius. We broke up four months later.

  3. HILARIOUS. I’m very concerned about your friend, his friend and their hurting sounds.

    Another fun thing to do in the shower is nap. It’s best if you have an actual bath tub though as opposed to just the shower. I used to shower nap all the time in high school. My poor family and their lack of hot water 😦

    • Ha, I used to shower nap on accident in high school all the time too. I had an early bird class that I had to be to, and would wake up everytime I started to fall over. Living life on the edge.

  4. First i thank God that You Blog
    second thanks to all those hurting sounds which inspired you to write such an informative inspiring post.
    Andrew after reading this we have given orders for shower costume and started spreading awareness

  5. This line has had me cracking up for a solid 60 seconds:

    “I never understood what they were doing in there. But it must have been bad, because they were always making hurting sounds.”

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