Don’t Cry Saber-toothed tiger

Hang in there.  I know how cruel people can be.  When I was younger I had to have braces.  My teeth were a constant cause of embarrassment for me.  I never felt I could smile, because if I did, everyone would see the giant gap in between my two front teeth.  But every time I didn’t smile, I was preventing myself from having one of life’s little joys.  Don’t let anyone take smiling away from you.

Most of all, don’t forget that you have a gift.  A gift that makes you incredibly special.  You essentially have two giant swords growing out of your mouth.  Any samurai or pirate worth his salt would be incredibly jealous of your natural ability.  So next time a group of bullies are bothering you, just eat one of them.  The others will run away, and you will have a tasty meal.  That’s called turning a negative into a positive.  Now smile with pride.  Mainly so anyone ready to make a smart comment will see the blood and gore all over your teeth.  Keep being you Saber-tooth, and always stay true to yourself.

For the optimal emotional resonance, I recommend rereading the letter with the lovely melodies of Sade playing in the background.


14 thoughts on “Don’t Cry Saber-toothed tiger

  1. I too had braces as a kid and my brother would make fun of my crooked teeth, because alas he was blessed with a perfect smile and I had to endure the pain of being a metal mouth.

    I still don’t smile showing my teeth in pictures. Hurt runs deep.

    • The saber tooth knows our pain all too well. I had a huge gap in my front teeth from an “expander”. I think they’re illegal now. I looked like I had one of my teeth knocked out with a bazooka. Not fun. Smile bright, be proud of your new teeth. Do it for him.

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