Photo Album from the Future

I can’t exactly disclose all the details for patent reasons, but I came across some time traveling technology.  Don’t worry though, I didn’t save anyone or do anything that would change the past or present.  I’ll leave that to the Time Lords.  I just took pictures of me and my girlfriend doing things in the future, to give her a memorable birthday present.  I know what a great idea!  Below is our adventures.

First off we got married.  Eddie Money even played our wedding.  He was actually cheaper than a Journey tribute band, so it just made sense.  Great times. (Oh and yes, Kenny G hair is cool in the future).

Next we moved into our first house.  It was small, but it was home to us.

We had to fix it up of course.  Lots of paint fights, and montages were had.

Then there was our first Christmas.  We went to Walmart and had pictures done, so we could send out this card.

Between the wedding, a new house, and the holidays boy howdy were we exhausted.  We had a well deserved couples massage.

Soon after our small business venture really took off. (That I can’t give details out on because it could change the future.  But we get really, really rich.  Let’s just say I buy a piano that looks like a rocket ship, just because I can.  That kind of rich).  So we spend a lot of time traveling and trying new things.

Jet flying school.



Dolphin races.

Fine dining at Michelin Star restaurants.

Sky diving.

But despite all that, we always have time for friends and hanging out.  Just because you have a disgusting amount of money, doesn’t mean you forget about those you care about.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little look into the future as much as I did.  I guess the moral being, when life gets monotous, just steal a time machine and go somewhere.


26 thoughts on “Photo Album from the Future

  1. Wow, you guys sure a couple to be applauded.. I must say I feel left out not to have one of your Holiday cards!!
    (This post is hilarious..I love it)

  2. Your face is so appropriate in every last one of these. On a side note, I went to a middle school named Middle Magnet, so I took a hard double take at the archery picture. But, we were the stallions (which now that I think of it, is really sissy compared to panthers).

  3. This made me laugh so hard that my husband was like, “Are you okay? Are you choking over there?” I showed him the source of my amusement and we both chuckled roundly. The Christmas card outfits are my favorite one. Very cute idea. Nice job.

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