10 Reasons Why I Like Being A Grown Up

Being a grown up can be full of bills, and horrible jobs.  But let’s stop and think about all the positives.  If you’re having trouble thinking of any, don’t worry.  I made a list below.  And sorry ahead of time, but drinking won’t be on here.  I started that habit as a child, so we won’t be counting that.

1.  I can go to the bathroom without permission.

2.  I can learn to fly a jet. (I won’t. But I like having the option).

3.  I can have a Komodo dragon for a pet. (Or a wolf).

4.  I can grow a mustache.

5.  I can see R-rated movies.  Even the kind with boobs.

6.  I can own a broadsword. Legally.

7.  I can eat bacon for everything.

8.  I don’t have to go to church.

9.  I can say, “Sorry, I’ve just grown out of that…” to things I don’t like.

10.  I don’t have to cuss in secret.  (Except at work).

It only took 3 months.


36 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Like Being A Grown Up

  1. There are so many positives! As an Italian woman, I could grow a mustache if I wanted, though it may take a little longer than 3 months. Yours is clearly better. Also, I’m allowed to cross the street without someone holding my hand and my mom can’t yell at me when I eat my popcorn with my tongue like a lizard.

    Boobs in movies are neat too, I guess, even if I still giggle.

    • Yeah, I would never want to be a kid again. Except for Legos getting way more cool when I grew out of them. That I’m a little bitter about. But yes. I need Pete’s coffee.

  2. 1) yes to bacon 2) Me and my friends in high school bought a lot of weapons in Chinatown San Francisco. So yes. People love seeing teenagers with battle axes on public transportation. 3) And I covered drinking. With the whole drinking as a child thing. Battle axes may or may not have been involved.

  3. Eating pizza for breakfast and cereal for dinner… Also having disposable income and spending it on ridiculous shit instead of ‘putting it in my savings account’ boo!!

    Your tache is porn-tastic, are you auditioning for anything special??

  4. The other nice thing about being an adult besides being able to fly a jet if you want to,…not having to use your indoor voice, and being able to use your bed as a trampoline as late as you want without fear of waking up a grumpy parent. 🙂

  5. Damn, I think you covered just about everything.. So far, everything I can think of is a variation of what you said… Oooh! How about….don’t have to make my bed or clean my room?

  6. Yay! I finally found a blogger that made me laugh! I didn’t realize that was my goal, but I’ve been at it for hours. I mean, it’s 4 AM, and now I can finally rest knowing there is ONE funny blogger in this wordpress world….or maybe just one that shares a similar sense of humor with me. Yay! Goodnight, and congratulations on the :3.

      • Haha! Lack of sleep: yes. Booze: in my whole life, I’ve never had more alcohol than 1/2 can of beer. Too hard to believe? I know, but truth is stranger than fiction. 😉 I have vices though, don’t worry. But yes, take the compliment. I look forward to reading more from you.

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