Booger Haiku

Gross, get a tissue

You have a giant booger

Okay that’s better


18 thoughts on “Booger Haiku

    • Ha, I’ll try to keep highbrow pieces like this coming. Sidenote, I chatted with Ivar recently, and he is living in Scotland. He spent a ton of time living in Japan. I made the wrong career choice.

      • We both did, clearly. That’s so awesome. We live across this country by the way, and know the same guy. Too funny to me.

  1. As a schoolteacher, I quickly learned that if I wanted my kids to remember ANYTHING… use the word booger in the memory aid… LOL. Guitar Strings in order? Every Booger Goes Down An Esophagus… Suddenly every one had the 6 letter names. Every Good Boy Does Fine?….BORING. Every Green Booger Digests Fast. (Only the green ones…not the yellow ones…) AWESOME!

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