I’m In Writing Puberty

I’ve always thought it was a pretentious thing to tell people “I’m a writer”.  I work in an office.  That’s what I do.  I mean yes, I write.  But I’ve never been published or paid to do so.  I did stand up in college for two years, and I never felt comfortable telling people I was a comedian either.  I mean any nut case can do an open mic at a coffee shop (and holy shit were there ever), and tell “jokes”.  I always felt that was a title I had to earn.  In the last couple of years, I’ve met tons of people who say they’re writers or comedians.  And they have no problem saying that.  Regardless of whether they have anything to show for it.

But on the other hand, if you’ve been writing for years, and then suddenly get published. It’s not like there’s some kind of magical transformation happening.  You’re just doing what you’ve always done.  People will just be able to see it now.  When do you go from being a another scribbler to a genuine writer?  I don’t know.  But I’m writing about it, so that kind of counts right?

Okay sorry, I’m done with the grown up talk. I’ll have more ridiculous entries about boogers and werewolves later this week.


34 thoughts on “I’m In Writing Puberty

  1. if and when you get published it will be a best seller
    i never had the urge to on that direction cos all i want is people to read what i write..and the reaction here is great…blogging to me is like theater..instant reaction..

  2. I read this 3 times before I realized you are actually being serious. Nice. It is good to get a glimpse of the real man behind the hilarious madness.

    I played music for a living for almost 10 years but never once referred to myself as a musician until years later. “I was a musician,” I would say.

    When does a writer become a writer? I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t call myself a writer but I love writing. Maybe it is because I only write for fun and I’ve never been published.

    • Ha, yeah every 60 blog posts or so I figured I could throw in a serious one. And I can’t believe you didn’t tell people you were a musician until later. If I could have played guitar in high school, I think I would’ve got a lot more chicks (any really).

  3. A writer is one who writes. It doesn’t matter how many will read what he writes, he’ll still write. It’s great if he’s not the only one reading what he writes! But he’ll keep writing. . . I sure hope some folks will read what I write. . . Good luck to all of my new blogger friends! Remember- no matter what, we just keep on writing because we are writers, and writers WRITE!!!

  4. I don’t know at what point you’re allowed to say that. I usually talk about it like a hobby. I cook, run, read, and write… And a hobby is about right. I don’t know at what point you move from verb to noun. (I never say I’m a runner or a cooker either…)

    • Well first off, you should always tell people you’re a “cooker”. Because it’s a funny word. And yeah, I almost never bring it up in conversation unless someone asks me specifically about it, or talking to another writer. I feel like you’re just asking for ridicule otherwise. “Oh yeah, he’s one of those artist types…” Because those people bug me too.

  5. I seldom refer to myself as a male prostitute, despite a very lucrative, hazy period back in my days as a towel boy in that sorority. As for writing puberty, I can only hope we can outgrow the itchy part of it soon.

  6. I think you should print up business cards with “Writer – Comedian” on them in case anyone mistakes you for a waitress. Then you can be all like ‘bam, motherfucker, here’s my card. Now do you want more coffee?’ Seriously though, I think if it’s anything you give your time to, and try to improve on, then you are already there. Who needs worldwide adulation and riches!!

  7. Great question. No answer. Sorry.

    I have had the same question for years. I’ve been writing in all different types of forms since I was 10. From poetry to essays, from short fictional stories to my real-life story, and now blogging a bit of everything. I write for fun with the hope that some day I’ll write something I think is worthy of publishing….

    Anyways, I am very excited for the werewolves! Are they the D&D type, Twilight type, or your own take?

  8. I don’t know what type of werewolf. I was just throwing that out there to be ridiculous. But based on the comments I think I really have to write a booger/werewolf post.

  9. I’m glad you won’t leave out the werewolf half of your future post since only me and one other person commented on it. But congrats, and I like to say that “I write real good.” The irony is lost on some, but only if I don’t use my strong and obvious idiot voice in that statement.

  10. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL EVERY DAY. I think writing makes you a writer in the barest sense of the term, but (like you said) calling yourself a writer at any stage of the “career” pre-publication makes you sound pretentious.

    I think I’m just never going to tell anyone. I’ll just say I’m a professional juggler. Not that I can juggle. Whatever.

    • Ha, no juggler is a good one. Plus as long as you’re not at a party saying that, no one will ask you to prove it. I might have to start using that myself.

  11. i felt the same way about my photography. for years i prayed to have a published photo with no action behind it. finally i began shooting and had 3 photos published multiple times over 3 months. nothing changed. i was proud of myself but nothing really changed in my life. it’s one of those things where we see things are so far from our reach and then we grab it and it seems small in our hands.

    keep writing!

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