I Love Wolves

Wolves are my third favorite animal.  Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about them.

1. Wolves find it culturally offensive when people pronounce the word wolf as “woof”.  There is clearly an “L” in the word.  They do not find it cute or funny. Just stupid.

2. Wolves can jump over trees. They just don’t like to.

3. Wolves are voracious readers. Especially of Roald Dahl.

4. Wolves like meat. But they love cake.

5. Wolf fur is actually made up of smaller wolves that all hang out in one big wolf pack, giving the appearance of a fur coat.

6. Wolves can turn invisible.

7. Wolves used to be on the state flag of California. Then Abraham Lincoln changed it to a bear after he lost a wrestling match to a wolf.

8. Wolves hate pirates more than being called a woof.

9. Despite popular belief, marriages with werewolves are allowed.

10. Wolves howl at the moon, because that is originally where they come from.

I hope you enjoyed those facts so far, and that you learned something new.  As I’m doing my college thesis paper on them, I will post more as I get them.  Oh and here are some pictures of wolves.


39 thoughts on “I Love Wolves

  1. I see that many wolves and I will have bad dreams about tattoos on fat girls and guys named Walt.

    Wolves once had a contract out on the life of late-night has-been Arsenio Hall for bringing “woof woof woof” back into vogue a few decades ago.

  2. Your thesis sounds interesting. Your need for education sounds like you’re hungry like a wolf. Get it? Sorry. I’ve been watching too much How I Met Your Mother…

  3. Please tell me you wear t-shirts with pictures of wolves on them.

    Thanks for the wolf lesson. I had no idea they were so interesting. Maybe I’ll get one as a pet. Wait, let me think that through…

  4. this has been a life changing article…now it all makes sense…i could see the smaller wolves in every single wolf in the images…wow
    hey how much will they hate a pirate who calls them woof

  5. WHY DO THEY HATE PIRATES!?!?!??????

    Noooooo…. since I have half-pirate my dream of owning a herd of wolfs so I can use them to mush from my house to Starbucks is completely smashed.

  6. It goes back centuries. Some kind of blood feud. And honestly, I couldn’t get a straight answer from either side. But don’t worry it has nothing to do with you. I think over the next years things will loosen up.

    • Found something that might answer your question imakeeper-

      “1401AD : Packs of Pyrnees Mountain wolves descend from their homelands up in the mountains of northern Spain, raiding their way South through the Spanish foothills in search of a culture of humans less goofy-tasting than the Basques to feast upon. The element of surprise, along with much leg-lifting allowed the Super Pack to effectively annex most of northern and central Spain in but a few short months.

      Unsatisfied by the taste and work ethic of the residents of Madrid, the Super Pack pushed westward and attempted to travel to India aboard a fleet of Portuguese pirate ships lorded over by Admiral Valdez, a former captain of the Spanish Armada turned renegade pirate general, whose penchant for strongwine was only rivaled by his distaste for the entire Canis genus.

      As one would imagine, attempts to negotiate passage between the two parties were fraught with trouble. Strong words were met with even stronger streams of urine, with the moment of total collapse occurring when a particularly intoxicated sailor stumbled topside brandishing a retractable leash. Both Valdez and Patches were killed in the ensuing bloodbath, leaving both sides leaderless, unorganized, and vowing revenge.”

      — Encyclopedia Britannica Vol.

      Hope this helps!

  7. While T-shirts and oil paintings are ok, Wolves only truly appreciate us showing our respect and admiration by having them painted on the entire back windshield of your ’94 Dodge Ram.

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  9. My ex-sister-in-law has some fine wolf art. She also has a lot of wolf t-shirts. She also has “The Truck Driver’s Prayer” on a wall in her dining room in the double wide. Yep.

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  11. Wolves were recently reintroduced to north central Washington where I live, so these little-known facts about wolves were very timely. Thanks.
    Wolf-poachers aka ranchers are beginning to show their true feelings about wolves. Sad.

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