Dung Beetle Haiku

In honor of those who work day in and day out on projects no one else would do.  I dedicate this next haiku to the dung beetle.  Have a cold one on me Mr. Beetle.

Dung beetles eat poop
I would never want that job
How considerate


29 thoughts on “Dung Beetle Haiku

    • Yeah that happened to me with cougars. Except cougars don’t eat poop, and they’re badass. But I did learn that one of their names is ghost cat.

  1. And you said you don’t care for poetry.. we could make broadsides (a poetry flyer) with this picture & haiku.. the fame, fortune and legions of female fans will be yours in a flash.. 🙂

    (PS- loved it)

    • Ha, I don’t know if this counts as poetry. But I do like the haiku. It’s such a simple, fun way to put together an idea. And I’ve seen people that are actually good, doing some amazing ones. It’s one of the few things I learned about in school, that I actually remember. I just don’t think I’ve spent enough time looking for good poetry. Other than some Bukowski, I’m pretty much ignorant.

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