Real Life Movie Moments

More often than not, when you’re watching a movie, you think- “That would never happen. Movies are so fake…”  And they are.  But then other times they capture moments in real life that are so spot on, you feel like you’re reliving them in front of your eyes.  They can make you feel angry, laugh, or even cry.  It’s magical really.  Today I would like to share my personal “movie moments”.  Hopefully after reading them, it will remind you of your own experiences. Feel free to share, because I would love to hear it.

1. Jumanji– The premise of the movie is a supernatural board game that makes wild animals and other jungle hazards materialize upon each player’s move.  That means the house turns into a jungle, tigers are running around the living room, and there’s a full on stampede of elephants running down the street.  Cars are trampled on, and the police have no idea what to do. Now this is exactly like being a college kid during Halloween in Santa Barbara, California every year.  There’s a street there called Del Playa or “DP” as the kids call it, near the campus.  The street gets so packed, it’s hard to walk.  It’s a nonstop mosh pit, of booze, barf, and venereal disease.  But man is it fun! I got my first minor in possession there as a wee tot (for alcohol not heroin.  Sorry not as interesting I know).  There’s police just watching and waiting for kids to act up, and arrest them.   But the kids definitely outnumber the cops, and chaos and destruction is rampant.  Waking up the next morning and walking home post Halloween is similar to the aftermath of a stampede.  Car hoods are smashed in, side view mirrors knocked off, and window are broken.  Whoever is stupid enough to park their car there, deserves to be crushed.

2. Das Boot– is a German war film that portrays the claustrophobic world of a WWII German U-boat.  Boredom, filth, and sheer terror ensue.  Now I’ve never been in a submarine.  But I have gone through a car wash, in a wet suit, strapped to the hood of a car.  It was definitely claustrophobic, and I was scared shitless wondering if one of those giant brushes would crush me.  Plus I wasn’t sure if that giant air dryer would burn my flesh.  Thankfully none of the above happened, and I’m alive today.  Because man that would’ve been a stupid way to die.  Also I have this on tape somewhere, and when I find it, I’ll post it.

3. Never Been Kissed– This was 85% of high school for me.  I “kind of” figured it out by senior year.  But that could be argued too. And no, I’m not explaining the premise of this movie.  The title is the important part, go look it up if you’re interested.

4. The Fugitive– Unlike Harrison Ford’s character, who is running from the law for a murder he didn’t commit.  I did commit the crime I was running from.  No it wasn’t murder.  It was launching water balloons at passing cars from our roof.  Of course they stopped, knocked on our door, and yelled at my dad.  But I was long gone by then.  I was busy hiding out at friends houses, dodging phone calls, and sneaking back into the house once he was asleep.  So pretty much exactly like running from U.S. Marshalls, and jumping off of waterfalls.

5. Gandhi– Watching this movie changed my life.  To know that somebody else in this world liked wearing sandals as much as I did turned me inside out.  And knowing this was based on a true story, and not some fairy tale fantasy, made it all the better.  Thank you Ben Kingsley. You’ll never know what you did for me.


27 thoughts on “Real Life Movie Moments

  1. Brilliant as usual. I had a similar experience with One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – not so much the shock therapy as the stealing fishing boats and throwing plumbing fixtures through windows.

    FYI: I’m on vacation and drinking before noon. Is that from “the lost weekend” or is it “weekend at Bernie’s”?

    • I think breaking windows is a mandatory stage in childhood like puberty. Oh and you’re probably to inebriated to type at this point, but I hope you’re making drunk stories to blog about for tomorrow.

  2. Oh boy not sure what I can add here.. I think for me it would be “out of africa” (you are young, google it).. my being a writer, going on safari stuff and dating the fly-dude..yeah, that one..
    you don’t wear socks with sandals I hope? 🙂

  3. Deliverance.

    Last time we go camping, Big Bird shot by poachers. Oscar attacked by racoons. Bert get lost looking for toilet and den Ernie get lost looking for Bert looking for toilet and den Grover get lost IN toilet (go spelunking in outhouse and discover subterranean lair of mole men dat make him god [lucky!] but he cut himself and bleed and dey say he not god den so try to feed him to firepit monster [unlucky!] but he escape to surface [lucky!] but get poison oak [unlucky!] on eyeballs! [very unlucky!]). Count sleep too close to campfire, ignite Jagermeister breath and wake up everybody because face on fire (ever since, have to pencil in eyebrows). Den park ranger give ticket for littering and put real damper on outing.

    Dis year, we not roughing it. We goiing on Somalian foodie tour.

  4. I was just thinking about Jumanji yesterday…and I am glad I haven’t experienced anything like it.

    I am pretty much Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed except I have been kissed. I’m just kind of lame, but you know, the good kind of lame. What I am trying to say is yes, I know what you’re talking about.

  5. haha wow, what an exciting life you lead… unfortunately the only one I could really relate to was the Never Been Kissed… totally did not have my first kiss until my Sophomore year of college. Yee haw! Right now my life is feeling more like “We Bought a Zoo.”

    • Yeah, but now you have an awesome boyfriend. So it might not have been such a bad thing. I hated it at the time too, but it’s funny to me now.

      • It is very true… it was nice not having to deal with all the drama in high school! =D and end up a guy where a kiss meant serious business and not something to just brag or spread rumors about later. Oh, High School…

  6. I’m really glad you didn’t commit murder, and only committed a crime with water ballons. I am sure your skills are sniper-like, so that would explain why you had to run for your life.

    Never Been Kisses = my high school. We have this in common. Only, I didn’t try to fit in with the cool crowd at all and most def did not wear white pants after labor day. Or get hot with any young male teacher talking about Shakespeare. Nope, I only got hot with my books.

    (because i am nerd. and was scuuuurred of boys. never mind)

  7. Watching people trying to manoeuvre in and out of parking spots always reminds me of Austin Powers performing an 80 point turn in that little cart.

  8. HAHAHAHA! I was just thinking about this the other day. I was watching 500 Days of Summer and thought, wow, how awesome and awkward would it be if I suddenly bust out in a wicked cool song and dance number with backup by Hall & Oates? I have since have made it a point to always be listening to my i-Pod so that I can have a life soundtrack and be ready when any dance number is just itching to get out 😉

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