5 Romantic Late Night Activities

I like to keep it romantic. So instead of doing boring things like buying flowers and giving massages, I came up with exciting new activities to fan the flames of passion. Let me share them with you, so you can do your own experimenting.

1. Make a fort- Nothing brings you closer together, than braving the wilderness. So why not pretend the wilderness is in your living room? Make a giant barricade out of blankets and cardboard boxes to protect yourself from invisible creatures. I mean, what’s hotter than imagining tigers are outside? Oh, that’s right. Nothing.

2. Read– You can read side by side or if you’re feeling really frisky, read to each other. Maybe even take turns reading chapters, to change up the pace. If your arms start to fall asleep, I suggest switching positions. I’ve found scary stories work the best for this. Tom Clancy novels not so much.

3. Eat grilled cheese– Now this is a classy sandwich. And everybody knows classy is just another way of saying romantic. So enjoy your melted cheese in the sexiest way possible, by eating it grilled. I recommend putting Parmesan in the crust. The ladies love that (men too). Just make sure to eat over the plate, because melted cheese is a pain to peel off bed sheets.

4. Thumb wrestle– Have you ever been so attracted to someone, that you just can’t keep your hands off them? Well that’s why thumb wrestling was invented. The point of the game is to touch them! You’re basically just holding hands the whole time. It really sets the mood, and brings the heat!

5. Play Jenga– My older cousin always used to go in his room with his girlfriend and play Jenga. They would play for hours. You could even hear all the fun they were having. I personally never understood this until I started playing the game with my own girlfriend. It takes skill, patience, and a steady hand. You would not believe how tall we’ve built those blocks! I highly recommend this game.

Now that I’ve done my sharing, what are some fun late night activities that you partake in?


36 thoughts on “5 Romantic Late Night Activities

  1. My wife and I like to spice it up by bringing a model into the bedroom. The last one was a classic 1/25 scale 1967 Mustang Fastback. We spread newspaper on the bed to keep from getting Tester’s glue all over the sheets, and we cracked the window for ventilation. By the time we put the decals on, I knew my wife would have a romatnic memory that would last a lifetime!

  2. Nothing beats a fort in the living room fighting off our “wild” cats… until of course they jump on top of the fort and it all comes crumbling down. Sucks when you are eating a grilled cheese and it gets all over the blankets… darn jealous cats!

      • That’s a lovely color, as well. And painting together is such a bonding experience – it never fails to bring couples closer together. Albeit some of that might be because the paint has glued their hands together, but we’ll ignore that.

  3. Although I don’t know that there is anything hotter than thumb wrestling… we like to play Scrabble and Poker. This would be extremely boring, but we also drink heavily while doing it. 🙂

  4. Well the Fort (I’ve actually done this) was a class-A hit!!! (5 stars).. Jenga, Hmm is that what caused my divorce???lol
    I say try finger-painting..(on paper for you Rated PG folks..)

  5. I think it’d be super cute if a guy would pick out my favorite movie and we could lay outside on a blanket and watch it on my laptop. Add some ice cream and it’s like a movie marathon 🙂

  6. Mr. Speedy and I actually followed your advice… prior to me reading this post. We read in bed, separately involved with our own books. I was enthralled with mine while he, fell asleep, the book half-way on his chin and neck. At least he tried.

    I thought it was really romantic. So romantic that I put my book down and shut off the light.

    ps I do not like grilled cheese. Or mac n cheese. I am not a cheesy person. ANd not normal.

  7. You had me at Grilled Cheese! When I do find a boyfriend, that is the first thing we’ll do followed up with the reading. What reading choice do you recommend in the scary story category? Do 1940’s and 1950’s mystery novels work for this? I’m glad you recommended scary novels because I have a fear of reading something funny while eating; I might choke and die before getting to the other things on your list!

    Thanks for all of your helpful advice! 🙂

    • 1940/50’s mystery novels sound awesome. I’ve only read a handful of Chandler novels, and I think those came out in the 30’s so I’m not sure. But I could be off on that. Are you a connoisseur of this genre?

  8. Hmmmmm…….late night romantic, falling asleep on the couch watching old Twilight Zone episodes. Eating popcorn with parmesan cheese and pepper. Drinking a glass of red wine and dissing the world in general. Riding in a van talking about what’s around the next corner. Finding a really cool diner in the middle of nowhere and realizing it’s a well kept secret. Playing guitar in the morning together and discovering a new lick. Playing Farkle. There’s a few.

    • Yeah those are pretty good. Plus the best part of dirty word scrabble, is the bad words are the easiest to spell. And wine makes everything better. It’s like adding a video game power up to any event.

  9. We partake in 1, 2, and 4. No cheese for me though, I’m allergic to milk and soy cheese doesnt melt well. And no Jenga either, my husband is so clumsy it would be shortest game ever.

    We enjoy nerf gun fights. Its a nice opportunity to get out aggression and also build a playful tension. Sometimes we do this with paintball guns, but that risky. There is a “No Sex Allowed” Rule at our paintball facility…

    We also bake together. Well I do most of it… he causes messes and makes things more complicated. BUT baking together is fun, and enjoying the dessert afterward is even better.

  10. Wow – lovely, lovely subject for a blog post! Making a fort sounds like so much fun… Love the overall tone of your blog.. thank you for commenting on my post so that I could discover this blog! Love it!

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