Benefits Of Having A Brother

I can blame my extreme hatred of sharing on my siblings. Plus being the oldest, I was often the lab rat for various parenting techniques. I also got more “whoopins” than my younger compatriots. Wooden spoons, the belt, or hardback dictionaries, I’ve felt the sting of them all. But that aside, I have to say I’m glad I wasn’t an only child. There’s definitely benefits of having a brother close to your own age. For those of you that never had the privilege, I’ll do my best to explain the benefits.

1. Stunt double– Being the older brother, it was always great having a little brother willing to try anything first. Since he was already the “extreme” one, it took almost no coaxing to get him to jump off, or ride his bike into anything. He saved me quite a few bruises, head wounds, and broken bones. Thank you Chris.

2. Dueling partner– My skills as a swordsman would be a tenth of what they are today, if it weren’t for all the practice we had with metal pipes in our youth. The finger and knuckle injuries were a small price to pay for the grace and ease I now have. There’s not a challenger alive today that I have not bested with my blade. I have my training to thank for that.

3. Rock fights– Who needs video games when you have rock fights? Our parents thought that encouraging outdoor play and excercise would be healthier for us. Little did they know how much fun hurling large projectiles at each other would be. If only the human body wasn’t so weak, and easy to injure. Games were always too quick.

4. Fellow battle strategist– I could not count the amount of bee stings we endured that day. But with God as my witness, that beehive in our front yard was no more. We fought long and hard, and we were victorious. So what if we were picking out bees from our hair five hours later. We could now walk on our driveway without fear, and that made it worth it.

5. Eating competitor– Eating can be so boring, especially when eating leftovers. But add a racing element to it, and it becomes a different story. Not only is it fast paced and exciting, there’s also an element of danger to it. You could choke and die at any moment. The sheer embarrassment of dying from eating too fast can really get the heart rate going. Believe me, I saw it with my own eyes. I would have one brother less if my mom hadn’t preformed the heimlich on him. I would never be able to look at waffles in quite the same way again.


30 thoughts on “Benefits Of Having A Brother

  1. The cool younger sister would do that as well, such as stuffing as many grapes in her mouth until she was drooling all over the place. Glad you had a stunt double, too.

  2. Oh so true i have a younger brother and i was terribly adventurous and had fun making him try and be gunea pig to my experiments…people who have never bossed their younger siblings will never understand
    you rock 🙂

  3. The issue with younger siblings is occasionally they can learn from each other and gang up on you. I had to fend off more than one ambush before I wised up and started playing them against each other.

  4. Heartwarming to hear a fellow master swordsmen thank the “little people” that helped in your quest for greatness. A fitting tribute to your sibling for sure, well done.

  5. Reason #5 really touched my heart… and stomach. I have 2 brothers and neither can be my stunt double since I have chest lumps and shaved legs and sparkly lips. BUT eating competitions are a major event in my house. I can eat the same amount of both my brothers combined which is saying a lot, since they are manly men. Basically, I have the appetite of Hercules but the looks of Medusa. Minus the snake hair.

    My bros know to cover their plates when I walk in with my hungry eyes and empty stomach.

  6. Makes me wish I had an older brother. The gap between me and my siblings is so big that I was a teen when they were starting school.

    • I can’t say he had as much fun as me. But it’s definitely pretty awesome. You have to be all “responsible”, when you’re the oldest. Not nearly as great. I’m sure you were a good older brother though.

  7. In my house, my mother would cook about enough food for 7 or 8 people, and there were 2 parents, myself and 3 brothers. Therefore, in order to get a second helping you had to eat faster than almost everyone. Since my Mom wasn’t exactly Julia Child, it was just as well that I ate fast and didn’t dawdle long enough to have the grub spend much time anywhere near my taste buds.

    On a side note, the guy in the Colorado State shirt looks to be throwing like a girl.

  8. this post as the only girl with 3 brothers I so relate to this.. My younger brother was always the fall guy.. The one The 2nd oldest used as his personal “stunt double.. So many stories I could tell but yours are funnier..
    Loved this!!

  9. I, too, enjoy my 3 siblings. Not nearly as much as I enjoy reminding my mother she was a dirty hooker for having so many of us, but fun is fun, RIGHT!?
    PS You’d be incredibly impressed with that woman’s strength. *OUCH*

      • So the saying stands corrected. Now when asked a question that is indisputably a ‘yes’ I will be obliged to respond, “Does a bear shit in science class!? Exactly…”
        Thanks. Mom is going to be upset she didn’t learn this….

  10. I was the oldest of four kids & the only girl… the benefits of having all three of them include but are not limited to: the understanding I have for lesbian relationships, my ability to ‘use the force’ to get what I want (I think), a book entitled “how to be the best private investigating family ever”, written by the youngest one, & a talent of being able to double-bounce someone from my trampoline to the moon. Winning.

  11. I may rip you off for the concept of this blog. Except, I’d make it the opposite: drawbacks to having three older brothers. Then again, I’ll probably just write out the benefits. Because, you see, I still desperately seek their approval.

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