Haiku of the Mundane

This was just a little something to break the week in with, and to feed the world’s insatiable appetite for more haiku. So the next time you’re in a boring situation, with blood coming out of your ears, make a game out of it. Try to put it into a haiku. That’s what I do. For example-

“Networking Function”

So what do you do?

Oh you work in sales? That’s cool.

I don’t give a shit.

“Grocery Shopping”

No. That can’t be right…

Buy one, get one free roast beef?

Thank you sandwich god.

“Weekend Chores”

Wash and wax the car.

Clean the house in time for guests.

Thank God for my flask.


21 thoughts on “Haiku of the Mundane

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  2. 😆 hey thanks i was wondering what to do with all this ear and nose bleed…
    “Networking Function” is a master piece 🙂
    I have tried but writing haiku is a pain..plus i dont get the rules….
    but now that you have shown how to…will do something about it

    • Ha, no you’re the real poet. You would blow me out of the water if you tried. It’s easy to write “poetry” (and I use that term loosely), when you’re writing about food.

      • He wrote me a massive comment on it. I’m not sure if it’s a rave review or a call for my assassination for heresy, or maybe both.

        As usual, he wrote it in cow’s blood in some dead language.

        Why can’t I have nice normal groupies with perky boobs and braces on their teeth?

      • I decided on the moniker “Pappy” as I am a big fan of hillbilly culture and besides, all the other good grandfather names were taken by my own kids’ grandfathers who are very much alive and kicking.

        Hopefully it doesn’t disturb you that a grandpa would wish for “normal groupies with perky boobs and orthodontia”

      • Of course not. Blood writing in dead languages, and chicks never go out of style. Why do you think that fetish site about goth woman reading from the Necronomicon is so popular? Besides what do I know? I wrote a haiku about house work.

  3. Hilarious. But where were you last week, when I actually had a networking event to go to? *sigh* I don’t think the universe and I have quite the same sense of humour…

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