My Playlist For Sandwich Eating

I don’t generally enjoy my food, unless it’s accompanied by music. It could have something to do with the fact that I always eat alone (girls like a man of mystery). Or that music naturally enhances the palette. I have several “sandwich playlists” on my Ipod, that I turn on when I’m eating. The songs vary greatly depending on my mood, and the sandwich I’m ingesting. But for your sake, I’ve tried to include my favorite sandwich/song pairings. May you enjoy your own solitary eating concertos.

1. Beach Boys: Good Vibrations- It starts out kind of slow and airy, then really picks up the pace. If that’s not how you should eat an eggplant parmesan, than I don’t want to live anymore.

2. Huey Lewis: Hip to be Square- Okay, technically a quesadilla isn’t a sandwhich. But I just can’t help but giggle to the irony of eating a circular food to this song.

3. Sex Pistols: Anarchy in the U.K.- What’s more important? Being healthy, or staying true to yourself and not selling out? Not selling out, of course. So everytime I eat a burger made of turkey instead of beef, I listen to the Sex Pistols. I pretend Sid Vicious is spitting on me, as I take every bite. Man, I’m so punk…

4. Louie Louie: The Kingsmen- Whenever I’m eating a sandwich with some kind of mystery meat or spread on it, I listen to Louie Louie. You don’t know what you’re eating, but dammit, it still taste great. That’s just like Louie Louie. Nobody knows what they’re saying, but tell me that song isn’t amazing?

5. Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On- This is my sloppy joe song. As I’m sure you already know, eating a sloppy joe can be an emotional roller coaster. They’re so good, but they’re also incredibly messy. It’s an internal conflict every time I do sit down to eat one. That’s why I need a song that can match my mood and emotions. Thank you Celine. Thank you.


19 thoughts on “My Playlist For Sandwich Eating

  1. I’m more than a little surprised that Dan Fogelberg didn’t make the cut. The pairing of the sensitive songwriter from the 70’s with liverwurst and onions and the spicy stone ground mustard of your choice is as natural as farting in church. The sappy lyrics and melodic strumming of the 6 string just says poor man’s pate’ as a bonus, the onions can be blamed for the tears which will inevitably fill your eyes.

  2. I have never heard of consuming calories while being serenading but I must say- the ‘Louie Louie’ song would be a good tune while eating a sandwich. I’m going to have to try that out…

    I do like to drink wine to classical music. Or dirty rap. Or country. Actually, I think I like to drink wine and my ears magically accept whatever background white-noise is occurring.

    • Smell and songs can bring back memories like a sledgehammer. Why not increase the odds of remembering an excellent meal by using both tools? Or at least that’s what my life coach told me.

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