Be Your Own Steampunk

Most likely, you already have a vast knowledge of Steampunk.  But for those of you who don’t, it’s quite simple.  The dictionary describes it as, “a setting where steam power is widely used—whether in an alternate history such as Victorian era Britain or ‘Wild West’-era United States…”  So basically cowboys with jetpacks.  I know, finally.  Plus there’s a whole steampunk community out there, that dress up and build steampunk costumes.

Instead of watching from the rooftops, I decided to make my own steampunk gear.  Now before you ask, yes I made these myself, and yes they really run on steam.  And no they’re not for sale.

1.  Steampunk goggles – Obviously when you’re flying around on a jetpack, you’re going to need protective eyewear.  I crafted these frames from a special type of dragon steel, and the lenses are made of diamond.

2.  Jetpack – Unfortunately I can’t seem to stay airborne for more than an hour or two.  But it’s still a work in progress.  I imagine by the end of the week, my visits to Sky City will go unencumbered.

3.  Steam phone- I feel this is pretty self-explanatory.

4.  Steam powered zeppelin pump – I can only imagine how they used to fill zeppelins up before the invention of steam power.  It must have taken ages.  Mine is a replica of the actual steam pumps used in the “Le Zeppelin Wars of 1840”.

5.  Steampowered butterknife – This knife running purely on steam alone, can butter an entire loaf of bread in under 15 minutes.  To good to be true?  Impossible you say?  Wrong. Fact!


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