Dear Genghis Khan

I understand you have an empire to build. But what you did to my village this last week was inexcusable. Was it really necessary to burn all the huts, crops, and livestock? Destroying even half that amount, would have made your point. It will now take months to get things back to normal, if even possible at all. Plus with winter coming, it’s only going to make our chores that much more difficult. You try to explain all this to the surviving tribe members. We were grumpy before this attack, so don’t even get me started on the overall mood now.

And another thing, you didn’t have to do it so rudely. Arrows, daggers, and javelins hurt enough. Then add the name calling and teasing, and you’re no better than the Turks. Honestly before all this, I had heard nothing but good things- “He allows freedom of religion”, and “he¬†prohibits blood feuds”. But I can’t say I witnessed any of that. Instead I spent my Saturday digging graves, when I should have been relaxing. Thanks for that.

I expect repayment of all my possessions, and additional sums for the loss of my family members. Please send by caravan or inform me on where to pick them up. If I am ambushed at any time, then you can consider that price going up. I am signing this letter in blood, so you know that I mean business. You have until the end of the season to make good on this payment.


Concerned Citizen


5 thoughts on “Dear Genghis Khan

  1. have you seen the really really slooooowwww movie Mongol? Which is basically like the early life of Khan. I fell asleep, let me know if you ever stay awake watching it.

    • Ha, no I haven’t yet. It’s on the Netflix queue though. Maybe the goal of the film was to make you feel like you were living in that time period. Bored, without TV, and praying for a quick death.

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