My Journal of Dreams

Someone wise once told me to write down all my dreams in a journal. I don’t know what that does, but only ignorant people turn down advice. So I figured I’d try it. Dreams are like goals, but with more magic. At least I’m pretty sure. Maybe if I write them down, then they’ll come true.

Here is a list of my dreams for 2012:

1. Meet Danny Glover

2. Finally witness a reliable jetpack demonstration

3. Ride more komodo dragons

4. Learn what a yogini is

5. Eat more fiber

6. Cast a successful moon spell

7. Get better at dubstep dancing

8. Lose so much weight that I gain the power of invisibility

9. Listen to more songs with the flute in them

10. Continue reading Charlotte’s Web in braille

Dreams already accomplished for 2012

11. Dream more

12. Live life to the fullest

13. Appreciate nature

14. Take up photography

15. Find myself

16. Not eat boogers

17. Be happy

18. Always tell the truth

19. Start a dream journal

20. Meet Billy Joel


8 thoughts on “My Journal of Dreams

  1. Herbie Mann ate boogers, and he’s one of the greatest flute players to have ever lived, and died. If you listen to his music, you can vicariously eat boogers through him while simultaneously meeting two of your dream goals. Also, be careful with fiber. Those infomercials about cleansing diets suggest more fiber, and poor suckers who try it end up with poo that looks like braided panini loaves. If you’ll excuse me, I have goats to play with 🙂

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