Secret Agent Haiku

Here are a few haiku poems on my exploits as a secret agent. Don’t worry, if you read this I won’t have to kill you. I’ve censored myself accordingly.

“File G-39”

-Let me grab my pen

-I just need to write something

-Psyche it can shoot fire

“Operation Thunderknife”

-We landed in Spain

-I neutralized Doctor Pain

-Got the missile codes

“Agent Black Widow”

-Beautiful temptress

-We could have had everything

-But you poisoned me


4 thoughts on “Secret Agent Haiku

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  2. How is it that you’re the first one to make the logical connection between haiku and double-ought secret agents? I have a big red spot on my head from where I smacked myself and yelled “Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?!”

    My only hope is that your impending superstardom doesn’t ruin you. Although if it does ruin you, that’ll be fun to watch too.

    • Yeah…I used to write a lot of poetry during down time on missions. All the other secret agents used to tease me constantly. But look who has a blog now that know what reads? I think I came out on top. Am I right?

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