New Week Checklist

With this last week wrapping up, I thought it would be appropriate to post my goals for next week. Goals are incredibly important to set for yourself if you want to be successful. Trust me I know. I’m a fucking millionaire, and I live by the beach (so what if the water isn’t safe to swim in).  Anyway, here they are-

1. Grow a mustache.

2. Continue crossbow lessons.

3. Learn the differences between a cyborg and an android, and learn what category David Bowie belongs in.

4. Hang out with buds.

5. Have less heartburn.

6. Write cusswords on things that don’t belong to me.

7. Mow the lawn. Psyche, I don’t have a lawn (This will be a good surprise for me when I read this later in the week).

8. Finish reading Infinite Jest.

9. Try seaweed salad.

10. Harrison Ford marathon.

Okay that’s it for this week’s goals. Try it for yourself. I guarantee you’ll notice the difference. Goodnight everyone.


2 thoughts on “New Week Checklist

  1. I did, and it was! I’ve also been eating plain seaweed lately. Salty, but good. Like sea pretzels. Hmmm….Yep, that’s what I’m going to call seaweed now. Sea pretzels.

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