Living Room Hobo

Living Room Hobo is the name I go by when I recite poetry. Kind of how like Conor Oberst goes by Bright Eyes, but less Native American. Basically I’ve been writing a lot of it lately, and I think it’s pretty chill. It’s kind of political, but nothing too overt. I’ll rap a little for you.

This is my first piece. It’s about the class wars we fight everyday. It’s titled-

Seashell Sunshine:

-I went to the library today

-Tried to check out Logan’s Run

-But it cost money

-$2.25 actually

-I thought libraries were free


Now see, that one didn’t rhyme. But they don’t always have to. That was an example of narrative poetry. This next one is written in rhyming couplets. It’s titled-

Saxophone Enthusiasts:                                                                   

-Nachos are good but fatty

-Why does my teacher have to be so crabby

-Birds are like rocks

-Man it smells like dirty socks

-I know cotton candy is weird

-That lamb sure needs to be sheared

That was probably the style of poetry you’re more used to. But now we’re going to end it with one of my favorite styles- the haiku. Each line is broken into a set number of syllables- 5,7,5. It’s Japanese. I’m not bragging, just informing. This last piece is titled-



-How did your arms get so small

-Raptors are better

I hope you dug this session, and got a lot out of it. I know I did. Don’t worry, I’ll have my Hobo tumblr up soon, and you’ll be able to check out my tour dates on it. Oh and to end this post, I’m going to leave you with the classic song “Papa Hobo”. But sang by Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, not Paul Simon. I couldn’t find his version on Youtube.


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